Johanne's 411

1 Who is your favorite designer?

Alexander McQueen

2 Your favorite fashion city? 

Paris & London. So many wonderful designers and styles coming from both, I can't pick! 

3 Sequins or cotton?

Cotton, but is there a third choice?

4  One product you can't live without?

My moisturizer!

5 Your proudest moment?

There are 2. Leading the makeup team for fashion shows for Oscar de la Renta and Valentino

6 Going out; strong eye or strong lip?

 I'd have to say the eyes have it

7 Your best work trip?

16 days in Tahiti for Marie-Claire

8 Advice to a wanna be you

 Don't be afraid to take chances and never sell yourself short

9 Your favorite fashion accessory

Cuff bracelets. Any kind of bracelet actually

10 Fashion trend you would rather forget

One word, Neon

11 Favorite fashion season

Oh definitely the fall! 

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